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Calculate Your Water Footprint
September 4, 2009, 12:39 am
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It’s true, there’s a ton of water on this planet. But with only .5% is available for our use, it important to protect and conserve freshwater resources.

Find out how much you’re using by calculating your “Water Footprint” on Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s website.

The only thing that this doesn’t take into account are the “hidden water costs” used to make products. For example, it takes approximately 21 gallons of water to produce a plastic water bottle, 400 to make a t-shirt. The t-shirt may be a more obvious example, as cotton needs water to grow. However, the manufacturing process requires water, as well.

So keep in mind that the water calculated on the BEF website is much, much less than your “true” footprint.

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Your water footprint image is very compelling. I am the education director for a non profit experiential education organization called impossible2possible (i2P). I would like to ask permission to use your water footprint image in our educational content. We will happily acknowledge the author. Thank you. Ewan Affleck

Comment by Ewan Affleck

Hi Ewan, the image is actually all over the Internet, so we can’t take credit for it! Thanks though!

Comment by princetonwaterwatch

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