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Calculate Your Water Footprint
September 4, 2009, 12:39 am
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It’s true, there’s a ton of water on this planet. But with only .5% is available for our use, it important to protect and conserve freshwater resources.

Find out how much you’re using by calculating your “Water Footprint” on Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s website.

The only thing that this doesn’t take into account are the “hidden water costs” used to make products. For example, it takes approximately 21 gallons of water to produce a plastic water bottle, 400 to make a t-shirt. The t-shirt may be a more obvious example, as cotton needs water to grow. However, the manufacturing process requires water, as well.

So keep in mind that the water calculated on the BEF website is much, much less than your “true” footprint.

Mural Complete!
August 28, 2009, 8:10 pm
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water makes…


…world takes (and kids are cute)


August 25, 2009, 6:56 pm
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On August 8th, NJ Water Watch orchestrated an enormous, state wide river cleanup we dubbed “RIVERPALOOZA!” Our site, at Assunpink Creek in Trenton, NJ, ended up with 15 very committed, very helpful volunteers (and about 200 bagels) In spite of a slight run in with a hornet’s nest, and some far-reaching poison ivy plants, together we collected over 18 bags of trash! We also had a bluegrass band come and play, which was by far the highlight of the morning.

‘Wet Paint’ Update
August 13, 2009, 8:09 pm
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We have been working with a group of ten or twelve kids for the past two weeks. We spend half of our time together painting, and the other half we spend learning about water and the environment. This past week, Jackie taught the kids about the color wheel. First, Jackie led them in a structured exercise to see the way different colors interact on the page. Each child was instructed to paint the same thing, yet all of the paintings had slight differences. Different shades of color, different textures, some used more water and some more paint.

Even more exciting was to see what the kids came up with for their individual portions of the mural. We ended up with oceans, gardens, sprinklers, and one titled simply, “Exotic Girl with Dog and Tree in Snow.” Needless to say, we are working with a very enthusiastic, bright group of kids. 

We also did an activity called “The Long Haul,” where kids practice water hauling from one bucket to the next. They learned about the difficulties of finding and toting water in third world countries, and how lucky we are that our water supply comes right out of the tap. At the end of the activity, however, the kids decided to put on their own impromptu activity called “Let’s Try to Splash Louise.” This activity seemed to be a huge hit with the kids, but less of a hit with Louise. 

Laura led the children in a water trivia activity. Eyes bulged and mouths hung open when we learned that it takes 140 gallons of water to make a plastic water bottle, and 500 to make a t shirt! 

Next week, we will combine all of our efforts thus far and begin painting the actual mural. With the help of Niece Lumber in Lambertville, New Jersey, we will soon have an empty panel that is ready to be transformed into a piece of art!

An Empty Urban Canvas…
July 28, 2009, 8:25 pm
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Help us paint it! Go to to to learn more and donate.

Every $5 sponsors a square foot!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who came out to Small World Coffee last night for the benefit show. The music, art and support were great. A special thanks to Vin, Small World Coffee, Ja’c, Red Hawk Fly, Paella!, Michael Kragh and Dinner.



Dear Friends,

New Jersey Community Water Watch is currently seeking donations for two water-themed mural projects in Trenton. One will be at Rutherford Avenue Park with the theme of “Water Makes the World Go ‘Round” and will be completed by five local artists.  The other, in collaboration with CitySmiles, will be inspired and painted by the children partaking in Water Watch’s environmental education classes. Through these murals, we hope to reach the next generation of children and their parents about the importance of protecting local waterways.

Over 75% of New Jersey’s waterways are too polluted for fishing and swimming. Though pollutants from industry, pollutants from our lawns and streets continue to threaten our lakes, streams and rivers. With more and more children growing up in cities around the state, with little or no access to the natural environment, it is difficult to emphasize that they are connected to nature and that their actions directly influence the health of the environment.

To show that everyone is related to the environment, we will be completing a mural that explains this connection visually, with images from Trenton and the environment connected by water.

In order to start working on this mural, we need donations to help cover the costs of painting more than 400 square feet. For every $5 donated, we will be able to paint approximately one square foot. To calculate your donation, just decide how many feet you would like to sponsor and then multiply by five.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by phone at (609) 529-8437 or by email at By partnering with NJCWW for these murals, you are helping us make a difference in the greater Mercer County community (and downstream, as well).


Laura Burke and Louise Finnell
NJ Community Water Watch

Join Us For A Night Of MUSAIC!
July 26, 2009, 6:33 pm
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Small World Coffee and NJ Water Watch Present,


A night of art, music and environmental awareness, to benefit the NJ Water Watch Trenton Mural Projects.

Featuring the music of:



Michael Kragh


Red Hawk Fly


 Small World Coffee

14 Witherspoon st. 

Princeton, NJ 08540

Riverpalooza! Trenton
July 23, 2009, 9:33 pm
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To sign up and find more information about the sites around the state, visit the main Water Watch website.